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Posts Tagged Computers

Gmail / Joost / Beta’s and Invites!

Remember the scrabble for gmail invites when gmail was released as everyone tried to grab their username and be the first to get a gmail invite before the doors closed? It’s happening again with Joost! (prounounced “juiced”), Joost is an interactive software for distributing TV shows and other forms of video over the Web using peer-to-peer TV technology, created by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis (founders of Skype and Kazaa). I’d be interested to see it if anyone has an invite around?

by Keiron on April 23rd, 2007 | Computers | No Comments » |

To Vista or not To Vista

Apparently I can’t have Vista (not that I was considering it until it stabilised anyway!!!), but according to the Windows Vista Upgrade Chart I fall at the final hurdle and must win the lottery before I’m allowed to upgrade 🙁

by Keiron on February 1st, 2007 | Computers | No Comments » |

mytop – a top clone for MySQL

Use MyTop to monitor threads and overall performance of MySQL 3.22.x, 3.23.x and 4.x. It will run on most Unix systems (and Mac OS X). Version 0.7+ will run on Windows. DISPLAY The mytop display screen is really broken into two parts. The top 4 lines (header) contain summary information about your MySQL server. For example, you might see something like: MySQL on localhost (3.22.32) up 3+23:14:20 [23:54:52] Queries Total: 617 Avg/Sec: 0.00 Now/Sec: 0.05 Slow: 0 Threads Total: 1 Active: 1 Cached: 0 Key Efficiency: 88.38% Bytes in: 0 Bytes out: 0 The first line identified the hostname of the server (localhost) and the version of MySQL it is running. The right had side shows the uptime of the… Continue reading »

by Keiron on January 21st, 2005 | Computers | 1 Comment » |