This just made me laugh today!!

I still get tempted on the iPhone as I’m running more and more of the business on the iPod Touch… That said I love my hardware keyboard on the Touch Pro (and am still tempted by the Touch Pro 2)….

If iPhone did a slider keyboard I might be sold, it’s not the keyboard exactly that’s the problem…. It’s how much screen real estate you lose when it’s up!
I downloaded the Touch Term Pro app the other day (yes there’s an app for that!) and it has a myriad of gestures and features.. But an SSH session under a transparent keyboard worries me!

Also the other big concern I have is this, I don’t want to have listened to music all day and then suddenly need to make an urgent change to a server and not have enough battery life (particularly as a spare battery is a no-no on the iPhone) – do I really need an iPod Touch and an iPhone?!?! hmmmmm

I made this post from posterous, a new service I’m testing – let me know what you think!

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